Giftcards for photo on canvas is a good idea for a personal gift, as you let the receiver choose the image for their canvas pictures.

Get the giftcard printed on canvas

When you order giftcards with 100 pound we will deliver the giftcard as a canvas picture mounted on a 20x20 cm wooden frame. It is a very nice gift, as it shows the reciever what the giftcard can be used for.

What can it be used for?
The giftcard can be used for all products that you can find on from the date of issue.

How much does the shipping cost?
If you collect the giftcard at our offices in Brabrand, Aarhus, there will be no shipping costs.
In addition the shipping is free if your order exeeds € 100.

For how long can it be used?
The giftcard can be used in up to five years from the date of issue.

Is there a volume discount?
Yes, if you order more giftcards or the amount exeeds € 650 we can offer you a volume discount. Call us on 45 70 22 00 08 --> press 3

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