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Cheaper than acoustic ceilings!

Are you having problems with to much reverberation? Let us help you. We have helped more than 100 companies and private people solving their acoustic problems.

We have done a lot of experimenting with our canvas pictures, and together with Rockwoll we have developed a brilliant acoustic material that works well inside our canvas pictures.

Click the start button on the right top of the page to start ordering canvas pictures with a sound absorbing effect.You can choose to use your own images, or you can use one from our gallery, to decorate your sound absorbing canvas picture.

You will experience the best sound absorbing effect if you choose a canvas picture with 4 or 8 cm (1,6 or 3,15 inch) thickness.  

How does it work?

Our soundabsorbing canvas pictures absorb the sound waves as they hit the canvas. The sound passes right through the canvas and is absorbed into a sheet of soundabsorbing material inside the wooden frame.

The effect is good, and you will normally need to cover 15-25 % of the walls with these pictures, to get the same effect as you will get with standard acoustic ceilings.



Prices for our acoustic solution

The thickness relates to the thickness of the wooden frame on which the canvas is stretched.

We have more than 500 sizes and formats. See selected sizes here:
(In GBP)
4 cm thick   
50 x 70 cm acoustic canvas
70 x 70 cm acoustic canvas 160,94,-  
70 x 100 cm  acoustic canvas 207,68,-  
100 x 130 cm  acoustic canvas 316,33,-  
100 x 140 cm  acoustic canvas 331,91,-  
All pictures are delivered as stretched on a wooden frame and with acoustic material inside the wooden frame.


Acoustic - Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make the pictures more sound absorbing?
We insert a sound absorbing plate from Rockwool (Rockfon) inside the wooden frame behind the canvas. This plate is not visible when the canvas picture is hanging on your wall. Our canvas is of 100 % cotton, and therefore the sound waves easily penetrates and hit the sound absorbing plate. It absorbs most of the sound and reflects a minimum of sound back in the room, and thereby creates better acoustics.
How much of the sound is absorbed and which frequency?
The pictures are especially good to create good acoustic in rooms where voices creates the noise (offices, child noise etc.). The Aarhus based company, VM Acoustics, has performed measurements in rooms with and without our sound absorbing pictures, and the results shows that the frequency of the human voice is muffled the best. In comparison the pictures absorbs a lot better than notice boards, which are often used by interior decorators to create good acoustics. You can also read a report about the effect here (Only in Danish).
How thick wooden frame should I choose?
We recomment at least 4 cm or thicker for better acoustic. However the sound absorbing effect is also good in a picture with 2 cm thickness. The muffling of the deep frequencies can be increased by choosing a more thick wooden frame, as it makes some space between the wall and the sound absorbing plate (we insert the plate right behind the canvas). However it is the same plate we insert no matter the thickness of the wooden frame - the plate is app. 2 cm thick.
What is needed to make my room get good acoustic?
In rooms where the sound is "hard" we usually recommend that you cover 20-30 % of the wall area with sound absorbing pictures to create good acoustic. This means that if you have a room on 50 square metres with a 2.5 metre high ceiling you have a wall area on 75 square metres in all - and this means 20 % = 15 square metres. By hanging 15 square metres of acoustic pitures in a room of 50 square metres, it will often solve the acoustic problems.
How to place and mount the picture?
The best is to place the pictures in a way the prevents the sound from being thown back and forth between the hard surfaces. Ie. if there is a big window with a wall across, then mount the pictures on the wall across the window. Mounting pieces is included and the pictures are to put up on the wall, just as regular picturers with a nail or a screw in the wall.
Is sound absorbing canvas pictures just as effective as alternative solutions to create good acoustic?
The  traditional way of creating good acoustic is to mount sound absorbing plates in the ceiling, and it gives a good effect. Often, though, it is refrained by a mistake, or because it doesn't fit into the construction or the aesthetic expression. When the sound absorbing plates is mounted in the ceiling the sound has to hit the ceiling before it will be muffled, which means that the sound can resound between the walls and this results in bad acoustic. But when you adjust the sound directly on the wall the sound waves is muffled earlier  and this makes a really good effect and better acoustic.
How does the coating influence the soundproffing effect?
Our canvas pictures can be ordered with coating, which makes it possible to wash the pictures with water and sope. However this coating does not counteract the canvas' ability to let the the sound penetrate and therefore i fine to combine with the sound absorbing effect.

Free advising about acoustic and sound absorbing photos on canvas
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You can always call us and ask about sound proofing and acoustic. We have made both minor and major solutions for customers with bad acoustic, which means that we have great experience in this area. We have had measurements of our picture, so we know the effect of the sound absorbing and can consult you to choose the right solution.

References regarding our acoustic improvement

       At Scaffco we have decorated all rooms with many big canvas prints and canvas-splits. We used Scaffcos own images, because they had a lot of beautiful images. Especially the canvas-split that was placed around a corner was a funny job to do!


       At we have decorated with many big canvas-splits. It adds a unique effect to the rooms. They had bad acoustics, so the pictures really improved the work environment.
The call center now has better acoustics.

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